With other NGOs
Our actions are based on cooperation with international and national organizations. Due to that, it is possible for us to perform projects with partners from all over the world, deepen our knowledge about cultural diversity, learn from each other, or exchange experiences.


With Volunteers
Many volunteers collaborate with our association; not only, do they improve the work of the organization on a daily basis, but also have the opportunity to participate in national and international projects as well as develop their own skills within the planning process and organization of events. Any volunteer is an important part of our team; everyone has the possibility to implement their own ideas and receive feedback with valuable tips from us.

With Media
Our work would be much more difficult without the media such as websites, radio, press, and television that help us promote our activities. Thanks to them, we target the right audience who is directly interested in our projects.

With Public Institutions
To perform a project not only do we need desire, but also possibilities. They are provided for us by the local, regional, national and European authorities through the organization of competitions or promoting our ideas. We work together for the benefit of local communities and the strengthening of institutional cooperation.

With companies and experts
One of the most important things is cooperation with companies if we want to give our participants the possibility of improving their soft and hard skills as well as financial support in organizing events. We value the knowledge from the experts and our purpose is to pass down this knowledge and continuously improve our abilities.

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