Our story

In 2014 group of socially engaged young people from Łomża wanted to go beyond the school with their projects and get involved on an international level. Then we began to function as an informal youth group called Youth Human Impact. Our goal was to work for non-formal education and active citizenship. Within the same year, we manage to organize our first project – an international youth exchange in partnership with NGO from Lithuania. As a part of our project entitled “In the Footsteps of Human Rights- We know the Past and Change the Present” we made a historical analysis of the process of the formation of these fundamental principles and their perception of them. The project turned out to be a huge success and received the renowned „Eduinspirations” education award for the best initiatives carried out in cooperation with Lithuania. It was awarded by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System under the auspices of the Ministry of Education. 

So we decided that we need to keep going and do even more!

The following year, we engaged new activists and formalized our organization. We founded the Association and since then we have continued to work for the development of civil society and the improvement of education. Over the course of our activities to date, we have realized over 30 international projects, local initiatives, and nationwide activities. We have accomplished many goals, overcome a number of challenges, and developed our Association structurally and thematically. We have built a network of contacts in Poland, Europe, and around the world. The inspirations of our actions for us are problems of the modern world that our civilization encounters every day.

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