We work with passion for development

We integrate people from all over the world

We believe in the power of education

We work for a diverse, active and inclusive society


StartUp Spark

StartUp Spark

Before you dig in Recently, we've sent a group of motivated young people to a youth exchange "StartUp Spark". The project was held from 6th to 14th of March 2024 in Cuevas Bajas, Málaga, Spain organized by Asociación EuroMuévete. In the project, there were 37...

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Who Are We?

Youth Human Impact Association is a Polish non-governmental organization, operating since 2015. We organize social, educational, and civic projects within the borders of Poland as well as internationally.

We work for a more active, open, varied, and inclusive society. We want to influence the improvement of the quality of education, and conditions for developing competencies and self-education.

We cooperate with Polish partners and foreigners. The primary tool that helps us achieve goals is non-formal education which is a study through practice and experience.

We realize international exchange, social campaigns, training courses, workshops, debates, and conferences. We show others how to create real social changes and inspire to embrace their own potential.

Our target audience is youth, people with low chances, and anyone who wishes to act in favor of the community, influence the environment, and growth of their own skills. 

What makes us different?

We are young and determined. An unconventional way of work and focusing on details are our strengths. We are not afraid of taking risks, yet we care for the highest quality of our projects. A fresh look and a balance of our personalities are the cause of the innovation and effectiveness of our projects. A variety of characters combined with each other create a true factory of ideas. Our inspirations are problems and challenges of the modern world. 

What is our specialty?


Our ambition and openness to the world make us involve organizations from other countries, public institutions, and activists in projects. We focus on details and refine our efforts down to the smallest particulars so that all participants are as satisfied as possible.


Do you want to do something more in life and meet interesting people from all around the world? Join us! With us, you will gain experience in managing local and international projects. We guarantee that it will be an unforgettable adventure!

Non-formal Education

“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn…” We believe that studying through practice and experience is the most effective way to acquire new competencies

Project management

Do you have an interesting idea, but you do not know how to begin?  With our experience, we will advise you on how to achieve the most ambitious projects step by step. We will help you plan Your own project so that the results are fully satisfying.

Training courses

We are eager to pass on our knowledge and teach others how to effectively manage projects and create community initiatives. We cooperate with experienced trainers, and trainees who gain substantive knowledge and experience through taking part in practical exercises.

Social Campaigns

We create original campaigns in cooperation with external entities and the media. Our goal is to draw the attention of the audience to a specific social issue and change its perception. We care for the right nature of the message and distinctive communication tools.

Interesting Facts

years of experience

completed projects

participants from all around the world

Stories of Participants

If I had to describe this project in one word, I would definitely say: INCREDIBLE. And this is from many points of view. It was a moment when together with other participants shared our experiences, we had the opportunity to confront each other, and learn about many stories and different cultures. We all got involved and opened up, although it wasn’t easy because we didn’t know each other before the project.


Daniel Zieliński, Poland

Have you ever heard about the program Erasmus+ and wondered whether to participate? This is one of the best opportunities to learn about the world that I’ve been able to find. In addition to the important topic around which we focus every time – ERASMUS is all about people. Several days are spent with more than a dozen people from around the world. After a few moments, it turns out that despite total cultural diversity you all become very close to each other and form some kind of family. Erasmus is an adventure that can change a life

Ioana Andrea Cristea, Romania

From the beginning to the end of the project, during better and worse moments, I learned more and more about diversity, and about other religions and cultures. I also met wonderful people with whom I hope to maintain lifelong friendships. I learned more and discovered new things within myself. My only regret is that our exchange ended so quickly and that it cannot be repeated. I highly recommend taking part in Erasmus+ to anyone.

Mariola Gabryelska, Poland

I found out about the project “Career Designers” organized by YHI from my school teacher. During the project, I learned a lot of interesting things about the job market and how to make a good impression there. We also had debates with politicians. Of course, the project was not only sessions and debates but also people, like me, who aspire to something more. I sincerely recommend everyone participate in such projects because they are unforgettable moments.
Sonia Tazeghdanti, Italy


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