For 6 years we’ve created many inimitable projects such as international exchanges, courses, workshops, debates, training, and conferences. Due to the realization of them, we promote non-formal education and studying throughout our whole life. Because of our projects you can deepen your knowledge about many fields including leadership, intercultural dialogue, critical thinking, entrepreneurship, fighting discrimination, or ecology. Participation in the project is also a great investment in yourself.  It allows us to get to know our strengths and weaknesses, teaches humility, and tolerance, tests our character, or gives you the possibility to discover new interests and hobbies. It can really be a chance to push you towards things that you are interested in and want to do in the future. Participation in projects can also pay off in the future – listed on your resume will be well perceived by the employer. This is because it means that you are not afraid of challenges and can quickly cope with a new environment.

Participants of our projects have an inimitable chance to use innovative methods and tools of non-formal education; for example, interactive theater,  design thinking, storytelling, role-play, case study, etc. They gain new knowledge in an interesting and accessible way and can rely on our support and mentoring.

Due to our initiatives, you will be able to know many interesting people and representatives of various cultures which is a wonderful and remarkable experience. Nothing enriches and broadens horizons as much as real contact with other customs. The ability to work in an international team and learn how to constructively deal with potential conflicts is a good way to impress your future employer!

There are many reasons why it is worth taking part in the projects from the association Youth Human Impact, but if you want to know about flaws… It’s just that our projects end far too quickly! Feel free to follow our listings and apply to participate!

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