New Space for Active Youth

We are pleased to announce the opening of the Youth Development Center, which took place on June 7! Our center is located at 10/7 Sienkiewicza Street in Lomza and is a space created for active young people who want to develop their passions, skills and ideas.

The opening ceremony of the Youth Development Center was attended by distinguished guests, friends and representatives of the Łomża city government, who supported our initiative with their presence. Their participation underscores the importance and potential of our Center in creating active, aware and socially engaged youth.

Idea and Mission of the Center

The idea for the Youth Development Center emerged during conversations with young people, who expressed the need for a place to have free discussions, submit initiatives and implement their own social ideas. Magdalena Koniecko, manager of the projects department, stresses that today’s youth need the freedom to act, and our center is the answer to these needs.

Exceptional Support and Cooperation

The Youth Development Center project was subsidized with 8,000 euros by the European Solidarity Corps, which made its implementation possible. The Youth Development Center is a spacious room suitable for holding meetings, trainings, lectures and gatherings for young people. It is a place where young people can meet, discuss, share their ideas and work together to implement them. Our goal is to create conditions conducive to the development, education and social activation of young people.

The Youth Human Impact Association has also established close cooperation with the Catholic Schools on Orchard Street and the Third High School on Senator Street in Lomza. Within the framework of these partnerships, the younger generation learns from their older colleagues to work on concepts, plan projects, cooperate with organizations and implement their ideas in the local environment.

Work With Us

We warmly invite all young people to use our new space and actively participate in the initiatives and projects we offer. We believe that together we can create a better future and inspire the next generation to take action!

We also invite you to visit us and follow our activities on social media.

More about the opening of the Youth Development Center

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Projekt jest współfinansowany przez Europejski Korpus Solidarności.

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